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Prenatal Care

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Throughout your pregnancy you will see your physician regularly. Your initial visit will be approximate 1 hour long; subsequent visits are much more brief.
Below outlines a typical schedule for your prenatal care

  • Weeks 6 to 28:  1 visit every 4 weeks
  • Weeks 28 to 36:  1 visit every 2 weeks
  • Weeks 36 to delivery: 1 visit per week

What to expect at each visit:

  • Initial visit
    • Detailed history to identify medical problems, medications, etc
    • Physical examination
    • In office ultrasound to confirm due date
    • Order form for prenatal labs
  • 18 to 20 weeks
    • Complete anatomy ultrasound (this is performed outside our office)
    • May discover the sex of the baby
  • 26 to 28 weeks
    • Third trimester labs
    • Testing for gestational diabetes with 1 hour glucola
  • 36 weeks
    • Vaginal cultures for Group Beta Streptococcus and Gonorrhea/Chlamydia
  • 36 weeks to delivery
    • Pelvic exam to assess cervical dilation

Preparent® Carrier Test

Innatal® Prenatal Screen