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High Risk Obstetrical Care

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  • We work in collaboration with maternal fetal medicine specialists, who assist in the management of our high-risk pregnancies
  • The maternal fetal medicine specialists completed a 4 year residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and then went on to complete a 3 year fellowship in maternal fetal medicine, to provide the highest level of care to women with complicated pregnancies
  • Meet our high risk obstetrical care team

The physicians at Loch Haven OB/GYN specialize in high-risk pregnancies and are skilled in handling complications during pregnancy. In case an emergency arises, at least one Loch Haven OB/GYN physician is on duty in Florida Hospital Orlando 24-hours a day, every day.

If you become pregnant with more than one baby, had previous pregnancy complications, or are over age 35, you are at a greater risk for complications. Other risk factors can include high blood pressure, diabetes, weakened cervix, heart disease, kidney problems, autoimmune disorders, and cancer. Even the healthiest women can develop conditions during pregnancy that require specialized prenatal care, like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

If you have any of the risk factors above, not to worry. We have you covered at Loch Haven OB/GYN. We offer the most advanced prenatal care for high-risk obstetric patients, including:

  • Maternal and fetal testing to evaluate the health of the mother and the baby
  • Electronic fetal monitoring
  • Pregnancy co-management with a maternal-fetal specialist

After delivery, your baby has access to experienced neonatologists, pediatric surgeons and the highest level Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. You can rest assured that you and your baby are in the best hands possible with a Loch Haven OB/GYN physician at Florida Hospital Orlando.

Maternal Transports

Hundreds of pregnant patients from other hospitals in the area are transported via helicopter to Florida Hospital Orlando each year. Backed by a team of professional practitioners and support staff, Florida Hospital Orlando offers comprehensive health services for women and children with state-of-the-art facilities and the latest technology.