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Center for Menstrual Disorders

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Center for Menstrual Disorders
Hear from Dr. Hill about why Loch Haven OB/GYN started the Center for Menstrual Disorders. Watch the video.

A Destination Center for Women’s Health

The Loch Haven Center for Menstrual Disorders is a destination center with  experienced clinical and academic gynecologists dedicated to helping women of all ages who are struggling with heavy, irregular, or painful menstrual cycles.  Our mission is to provide individualized care for each patient by taking the time to listen to the patient’s needs.

The Center for Menstrual Disorders is a specialized service of Loch Haven OB/GYN, which has been serving women in Central Florida and beyond for more than 20 years.  Our experienced physicians are respected leaders in the medical community and have performed thousands of advanced diagnostic and minimally invasive surgical procedures. In addition, they teach resident physicians and medical students from a number of medical schools, and are accomplished authors of numerous medical articles in esteemed journals and text books.

When indicated, our physicians collaborate with other doctors, such as infertility specialists, hematologists, and cancer gynecologists.

Menstrual disorders such as heavy or irregular cycles, painful periods, or bleeding after menopause are some of the most common reasons women seek care from gynecologists.  Almost all women have had abnormally heavy cycles at some point in their lives, and about 8 in 10 women have suffered from painful menstruation.  Menstrual problems can affect women of all ages.  Nearly 40 percent of girls have missed school due to painful menstrual periods.  Heavy menses can cause anemia, fatigue, absence from work or school, difficulty conceiving, and even lead to blood transfusions.  Bleeding after menopause is worrisome due to the risk of uterine cancer.  There are many possible causes of abnormal menstrual cycles.  Our goal is to find out the cause of your abnormal cycles and provide safe, effective and individualized treatment.

Individualized Care

When you make an appointment at the Center for Menstrual Disorders our staff will mail you information about our practice and a patient history form.  During your initial visit, your physician will discuss your symptoms and ask questions about your menstrual history, such as the age you began menstruating, length of menstrual cycle, duration between cycles, if your periods are painful, and if you wish to conceive soon. Your physician will need to know about any previous diagnostic procedures or treatments you have had.

Sometimes the physician will perform a gentle exam to determine the source of your menstrual disorder. In some cases, a diagnostic test such as an ultrasound may be performed.  There are many possible causes of abnormal bleeding, and how we diagnose the cause of your menstrual abnormality depends on many factors.  This is why individualizing care is so important. At all times during your visit we encourage you to ask any questions you may have.  Our doctors love to teach!

Small Incisions, Significant Results

For patients who desire a hysterectomy, our physicians perform almost all of these procedures using laparoscopy, a vaginal approach, or robotics.  These minimally invasive approaches to surgery decrease recovery time due to much smaller incisions than traditional surgery and because the risk of scar tissue formation is less.  Further, in many cases we are able to offer office-based diagnostic testing, which means you don’t need to spend a lot of time at a hospital.

We are respectful of a woman’s wish to retain her fertility and offer state-of-the art, minimally-invasive testing and treatment options that give most women the option of avoiding hysterectomy.

Additional Services We Provide

The Center for Menstrual Disorders is part of Loch Haven OB/GYN. Loch Haven physicians offer a full-range of obstetric and gynecologic services, including delivery of low and high-risk pregnancies, annual exams, contraceptive counseling, evaluation of couples trying to conceive, and treatment of gynecologic infections.  Read more about our comprehensive OB/GYN services.

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