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Emergency Delivery

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Evelyn and her family were very excited about her upcoming delivery. Her water broke at 39 weeks while eating dinner with her husband. They went to Florida Hospital Orlando, checked in with the nurses and got comfortable in their labor and delivery suite. The Loch Haven physician who was on duty in the hospital evaluated Evelyn and reviewed her delivery plan. Her baby boy had a strong heart rate and Evelyn was 5cm dilated.

A few hours later, Evelyn developed heavy bleeding and the baby’s heart rate started to drop dangerously. Despite all efforts to correct the problem, the baby’s heart rate continued to drop and the Loch Haven physician had to perform an emergency c-section to save the baby’s life. The doctor discovered that the afterbirth (placenta) had separated from the wall of the uterus, which is called an abruption. The baby was not getting enough oxygen or blood. After delivery, the 7 _ pound boy needed a night in the neonatal ICU, but Evelyn and her husband took their little boy home three days later.

One of the Loch Haven physicians is always on duty at Florida Hospital Orlando, which dramatically reduces the response time for emergencies. You can have greater peace of mind knowing your baby’s life is in good hands at any time of the day or night.