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Conception Problems

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Sarah, at 33 years old, tried to conceive for more than one year without success. With heavy and irregular periods, Sarah worried something might be wrong.

Sarah met with a Loch Haven physician for “preconception counseling.” Her doctor prescribed prenatal vitamins and reviewed with her the best time to try to get pregnant. The physician also notified Sarah that her blood pressure medication was potentially harmful to a developing fetus and arranged for her to switch to a safer medication.

In addition to the preconception counseling, the physician scheduled Sarah for an office hysteroscopy to check the lining of her uterus. During the procedure, Sarah’s doctor discovered a fairly large polyp that was blocking the opening of one of her tubes. Within a few weeks, Sarah’s doctor safely removed the polyp through an outpatient procedure. Her menstrual cycles returned to normal, and she delivered a 7-pound baby girl later that year.

If you are thinking about having a baby, please schedule a visit with a Loch Haven physician before you conceive to discuss tips for a healthy pregnancy.